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The ninth season of the American animated television series PuffRuff School originally aired on Fox between September 20, 2002 and May 16, 2003, and consists of 23 episodes. This season was later released on DVD in Region 1 on December 4, 2007, and in Regions 2 and 4 on February 25, 2008.


No. overall No. in season Title Original airdate Production code
173 1 "Breakin' the News" September 20, 2002 9N02
Pyro and Kirby are chosen as the new anchors of the school's video announcements, but their new jobs don't go as planned.
174 2 "The Great Chili Caper" September 27, 2002 9N01
A mixup results in the school's signature chili recipe being sold to a museum in London.
Guest stars: Michael Caine
175 3 "Chicken Soup for the Delusional Soul" October 4, 2002 9N03
MJ is inspired to write a story about a dream she had.
176 4 "(The Worst Part Of) Breaking Up" October 11, 2002 9N06
Kirby tries to convince his father not to divorce his mother.
177 5 "Whose Lie Is It Anyway?" October 18, 2002 9N04
The kids try to explain to Principal Michael how they got into a catastrophic situation that he found them in.
178 6 "Pyro the Genius" November 8, 2002 9N05
Pyro gets the highest aptitude score out of the class, much to Kirby's dismay.
179 7 "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Mall" November 15, 2002 9N07
MJ, Kirby, Pyro, and Andrew are pitted against each other when they set out to find a cash prize hidden within the San Francisco Supermall.
180 8 "Burning Hairlines Give You So Much More" November 22, 2002 9N08
Pyro accidentally butchers Kirby's haircut.
181 9 "Jingle All the Wayne" December 6, 2002 9N09
Mr. Wayne goes overboard in trying outdo his neighbors' Christmas decorations.
182 10 "License to Phil" January 31, 2003 9N11
MJ and Kirby try to find out where the usually absent Phil Johnston is.
183 11 "Cruising for Burgers" February 7, 2003 9N10
When the Aquarius Diner unexpectedly closes, the kids are forced to find a new hangout.
184 12 "The Wrong Side of the Wed" February 14, 2003 9N12
Mr. Wayne asks the kids to help him as he prepares to marry Mindy Spencer.
185 13 "The Original Kings of Corn" February 21, 2003 9N13
The kids go on a field trip to the tourist attraction Corn Kingdom, but they suspect it to have evil intentions.
186 14 "Bless This Mess" March 7, 2003 9N14
Kirby tries to help Pyro clean out his messy room.
187 15 "MJ, Kirby and the Jack of Hearts" March 14, 2003 9N15
After the chess club disbands, MJ and Kirby decide to start their own poker team that ends up going to the professional circuit.
188 16 "Mr. Wayne's Vacation" March 21, 2003 9N16
Mr. Wayne goes on an impromptu vacation at the beginning of the school week, leaving his class without a substitute teacher.
189 17 "The Road to Colorado" April 4, 2003 9N18
The kids take a bus trip to Colorado for a field assignment.
190 18 "Meddle of Honor" April 11, 2003 9N17
Pyro alters the school's computer database to benefit himself.
191 19 "Be True to Your School" April 18, 2003 9N19
The kids begin to question Principal Michael's authenticity when a series of past scandals come back to haunt him.
192 20 "When Numbers Get Serious" April 25, 2003 9N21
The kids must use their combined brainpower to pass the calculus unit.
193 21 "Andrew's Last Stand" May 2, 2003 9N22
Andrew threatens to shut down the art club when his peers fail to take him seriously.
194 22 "Yo! Dumb Rush the Show" May 9, 2003 9N20
The kids organize a telethon to help the school when it runs into financial troubles.
195 23 "The Umpire Strikes Back" May 16, 2003 9N23
The PuffRuff Knights' umpire Wade Watson convinces four members of the baseball team – Andrew, Pyro, Westley, and Mike – to lose a championship match against the Northern Valley Steelers in exchange for money. However, MJ and Kirby discover that Wade's deal is, in fact, a sham.
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