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The eighth season of the American animated television series PuffRuff School originally aired on Fox between September 28, 2001 and May 10, 2002, and consists of 21 episodes. This season was later released on DVD in Region 1 on July 17, 2007, and in Regions 2 and 4 on October 8, 2007.


No. overall No. in season Title Original airdate Production code
152 1 "Happy Socially Inept Anniversary" September 28, 2001 8N01
Mr. Wayne asks the kids to assist him on his anniversary dinner with his girlfriend Mindy Spencer.
153 2 "Camp Disrespect" October 5, 2001 8N02
The kids are sent to a boot camp known as Camp Disrespect, and try to start a rebellion against the leader of the camp.
154 3 "The Computer Wore Dennis' Shoes" October 12, 2001 8N03
Kirby must help his computer-savvy classmate Dennis Studemeyer shut off his robot clone after it goes rogue.
155 4 "All's Swell That Ends Swell" October 19, 2001 8N06
In a parody of Pleasantville, Pyro gets stuck in a 1950s-era universe and tries to find a way out, while also convincing the '50s-era counterparts of his friends to change their perfect ways.
156 5 "The Spy Who Hated Me" November 9, 2001 8N05
MJ fears that a new student may be a spy working for another school.
157 6 "Driver's Head" November 16, 2001 8N04
MJ tries to help Marcus find a new driving instructor after he injures his original one.
158 7 "When Pigs Lie" November 23, 2001 8N07
Pyro starts a lie that spirals out of control.
159 8 "Raiders of the Lost Park" November 30, 2001 8N08
The kids search for an amusement park said to be buried underground.
160 9 "The Gymnastic Four" January 18, 2002 8N10
The kids join the gymnastics team in order to save the gym unit from running out of funding.
161 10 "The Incredible Shrinking MJ" January 25, 2002 8N09
MJ fears that she may be shrinking after her mother measures her height to be shorter than usual.
162 11 "The Devil and Mr. Rexton" February 8, 2002 8N11
Pyro becomes friends with a girl who asks increasingly dangerous favors of him.
Guest stars: Christina Ricci
163 12 "Electric Googaloo" February 15, 2002 8N12
A strange goo that happens to be one of Kirby's latest experiments grows out of control.
164 13 "Working Class Hog" February 22, 2002 8N15
Pyro wins a motorcycle that begins to change his personality for the worse.
165 14 "Exchanged Student" March 8, 2002 8N13
When the school receives a Canadian exchange student named Jon, an argument between the staff results in Pyro being sent to a school in Canada.
166 15 "All You Need Is Glove" March 15, 2002 8N14
After a skateboarding accident results in Pyro's left hand being broken, Kirby invents a cybernetic glove for him.
167 16 "Saved by the Cell" March 22, 2002 8N16
MJ starts a cellphone lounge in her basement after the school bans the students from using their phones.
168 17 "Dude, Where's My Card?" April 5, 2002 8N17
Kirby misplaces his library card, and Pyro tries to help him find it.
169 18 "The Miseducation of Emily Jordan" April 12, 2002 8N18
MJ discovers that she may be failing in class.
170 19 "Imperfect Chemistry" April 19, 2002 8N19
Kirby and Andrew are paired with two vastly different girls for a science project.
171 20 "The Adventures of Rex Dangerfield Across the 8th Dimension" May 3, 2002 8N20
Pyro is cast as an extra in the latest Rex Dangerfield movie.
172 21 "It Takes a State of Millions to Hold Us Back" May 10, 2002 8N21
The kids try to help the adults settle a lawsuit filed against PuffRuff Middle School by the state of California.



  • This season was originally scheduled to premiere on September 14, 2001, but was rescheduled to September 28 following 9/11.
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