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The seventh season of the American animated television series PuffRuff School originally aired on Fox between September 15, 2000 and May 18, 2001, and consists of 24 episodes. This season was later released on DVD in Region 1 on December 19, 2006, and in Regions 2 and 4 on March 5, 2007.


No. overall No. in season Title Original airdate Production code
128 1 "Pool Party Prisoners" September 15, 2000 7N01
Chloe hosts a pool party that the kids attend, but one of her friends goes rogue and takes the five hostage.
Note: First episode to use digital ink-and-paint animation
129 2 "The Blair Snitch Project" September 22, 2000 7N03
MJ enlists Kirby's help in proving the existence of a spirit in an abandoned locker room.
130 3 "Our Dearest MJ Is Getting Older" October 6, 2000 7N02
As MJ approaches her thirteenth birthday, Kirby, Pyro and Andrew set out to throw her a party she won't forget.
131 4 "The Faketrix" October 13, 2000 7N04
MJ, Kirby and Pyro accidentally become trapped inside a computer-generated reality and must fight their way through it to escape.
132 5 "Mortimer's Murder" October 20, 2000 7N05
When the class goldfish Mortimer III is found dead, MJ seeks to avenge him and punish the culprit.
133 6 "Cafeteria Monopoly" October 27, 2000 7N07
A group of delinquents take over the cafeteria, and the kids must convince them to give it back to the school.
134 7 "Wreck-fast of Champions" November 10, 2000 7N06
Andrew enters the school's wrestling tournament, but he soon regrets it.
135 8 "Cool Hand Pyro" November 17, 2000 7N08
Fed up with repeatedly being sent to detention, Pyro tries to hatch an escape plan.
136 9 "Andrew Goes to Jail" November 24, 2000 7N09
Andrew is sent on a trip to the San Francisco Correctional Facility as part of a juvenile awareness program.
137 10 "Miracle on Rockwell Street" December 8, 2000 7N11
MJ becomes the center of a Christmastime scandal when she begins campaigning to keep the SamCo department store open for the holiday.
138 11 "Ice Heist Baby" January 26, 2001 7N12
When a new ice sculpture of Principal Michael is stolen by a rival school, the kids try to steal it back.
139 12 "The Idiot" February 2, 2001 7N10
Fearing she'll be regarded as an "idiot" if she fails the upcoming final exam, MJ goes to extreme lengths to prepare for it.
Guest stars: Christine Cavanaugh
140 13 "Once Upon a Time in the Midwest" February 9, 2001 7N13
The kids are transferred to a school in Indiana while PuffRuff Middle School gets repaired after an accident.
141 14 "Hockey Schmockey" February 16, 2001 7N14
Andrew and Pyro decide to take up hockey class, but their new hobby threatens to tear them apart as friends.
142 15 "A Haus Divided" February 23, 2001 7N17
The kids try to bring Oktoberfest to San Francisco.
143 16 "Online with No Fine" March 2, 2001 7N15
Andrew begins to use his internet connection for ill intentions.
144 17 "The Inner Beauty of a Cactus" March 9, 2001 7N16
Pyro becomes overly attached to a cactus he was assigned to watch for a project, and his friends try to take it from him and return it to Mr. Wayne.
145 18 "Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles" March 16, 2001 7N18
When the school's fundraiser money mistakenly gets sent to a casino in Los Angeles, the kids must get it back.
146 19 "The Continuing Story of Doormat Donny" April 6, 2001 7N19
While cleaning out his closet, Pyro stumbles upon his old comic strip and decides to revive it.
147 20 "Elevator Music" April 13, 2001 7N22
The kids try to get the staff to install an elevator in the school.
148 21 "The Andrew Anderson Goodtime Hour" April 20, 2001 7N20
Andrew decides to host a public access TV segment in order to fix his self-esteem.
149 22 "Rachel Lynn Will Have Her Revenge on San Francisco" May 4, 2001 7N21
Rachel seeks revenge on Kirby four months after he dumped her.
150 23 "Luck Be a Lady" May 12, 2001 7N23
MJ infiltrates the boys' basketball team in order to investigate a mystery.
151 24 "The Last Temptation of Pyro" May 18, 2001 7N24
Pyro develops an obsession with candy.



  • This is the first season of the series to use digital ink-and-paint animation.
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