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The fifth season of the American animated television series PuffRuff School originally aired on Fox between September 20, 1998 and May 14, 1999, and consists of 23 episodes. This season was later released on DVD in Region 1 on December 13, 2005, and in Regions 2 and 4 on April 4, 2006.


No. overall No. in season Title Original airdate Production code
82 1 "Take the Funny and Run" September 20, 1998 5N02
Pyro submits his own comic to the school newspaper, but is accused of plagiarism by a famous cartoon company.
83 2 "Scene and Not Scene" September 27, 1998 5N03
Andrew is chosen to direct the school's production of Romeo and Juliet, but the others struggle to help him achieve his artistic vision.
84 3 "Brother, Can You Spare a Quarter?" October 4, 1998 5N01
Pyro becomes an arcade master, much to his peers' bewilderment.
85 4 "Andrew Gets Rich" October 11, 1998 5N04
Andrew creates a realistic sculpture of himself which he sells for a large amount of money, and his friends try to get in on the prize.
86 5 "A Novel Conversation" October 25, 1998 5N05
MJ starts a book club.
87 6 "Wheels of Misfortune" November 8, 1998 5N07
Mr. Ableman gets a new car, allowing Kirby to become friends with everyone in school. However, MJ, Pyro and Andrew try to warn him that he might lose them as his friends.
88 7 "Stealing Home" November 15, 1998 5N06
When Andrew's home is robbed, MJ and Kirby try to find the one responsible.
89 8 "Mo' Brother Blues" November 22, 1998 5N08
Pyro's older brother Eric returns from college, and his arrival puts pressure on Pyro to be as cool as his brother.
90 9 "Adventures in Housesitting" December 6, 1998 5N09
While housesitting for MJ's neighbor Mrs. Davies, MJ, Kirby and Pyro accidentally break her priceless Roman bust and try to put it back together.
91 10 "It's a Blunderful Life" December 13, 1998 5N10
When Pyro becomes disillusioned with spending Christmastime with his friends and plans on spending the holiday by himself, his guardian angel Charlie visits him and tries to make him change his mind.
Guest stars: Nathan Lane
92 11 "Andrew and the Amazing Technicolor Paintbrush" January 24, 1999 5N11
Andrew tries to convince his father to let him have a prized family possession.
93 12 "MJ's Big Break" February 7, 1999 5N12
MJ wins a competition and gets a chance to have her book published, but her friends become suspicious about the offer.
94 13 "For Love and/or Money" February 14, 1999 5N13
Kirby is urged by his friends to date the daughter of the CEO of a demolition company in order to save his house from being demolished.
95 14 "A Brief History of America" February 21, 1999 5N14
The kids argue over the direction of a history project.
96 15 "Sunday Sunday Monday" March 7, 1999 5N15
Pyro wants to train to become a monster truck driver after meeting famed driver Jeff Hanneman.
97 16 "I Know What You Did Last Wednesday" March 14, 1999 5N18
MJ fears that someone is stalking her after a series of blood-red messages begin appearing on her house's walls.
98 17 "The Kirbtalian Job" March 21, 1999 5N17
MJ tries to convince Kirby to help her make a car for the school's upcoming soap box race.
99 18 "I've Got You Under My Skin" April 9, 1999 5N16
MJ and Kirby agree to switch schedules for a day after an argument.
100 19 "Mike & Westley's Excellent Adventure" April 16, 1999 5N19
Mike and Westley are sent on a mission to retrieve a package from the mail office downtown.
101 20 "A Room with a Slightly Different View" April 23, 1999 5N20
The kids try to help rebuild the science room after half of it is destroyed in an accident.
102 21 "I Left My Phone in San Francisco" April 30, 1999 5N22
The kids try to find a way to buy their own cellphones.
103 22 "All About MJ" May 7, 1999 5N21
Against her mother's wishes, MJ starts keeping a diary.
104 23 "Think of the Children" May 14, 1999 5N23
The kids try to get their peers to help them stage a strike in protest of the school's unethical schedule.



  • This is the last season of the series with creator/co-writer Trevor Jordan and co-producer/co-writer Nicholas Pockes, as both left the show to begin work on Jordan's other series Tj's World after production on this season was completed. However, they would remain as co-executive producers and creative consultants on PuffRuff School, and would return to their original roles for its 2001 film adaptation.
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