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The second season of the American animated television series PuffRuff School originally aired on Fox between September 17, 1995 and May 19, 1996, and consists of 23 episodes. This season was later released on DVD in Region 1 on August 20, 2002, and in Regions 2 and 4 on October 8, 2002.


No. overall No. in season Title Original airdate Production code
14 1 "Quest for the Cup" September 17, 1995 2N01
Pyro tries to find a limited edition Rex Dangerfield cup.
15 2 "The Pros and Cons of Science" September 24, 1995 2N02
Andrew is paired with Kirby for a science project.
16 3 "Breakfast at Andrew's" October 8, 1995 2N05
Andrew offers to become the school's new chef after he injures the original cook Mr. Stewart.
17 4 "Mild Arts Can't Be Broken" October 15, 1995 2N04
Pyro accidentally destroys an art exhibit.
18 5 "Octoberween II: The Reckoning" October 22, 1995 2N03
The school's Halloween costume contest takes a turn for the worse when MJ's opponent Sally Michaels accidentally reawakens the ghost of John Saint Martin.
19 6 "Kirby Gets a C" November 5, 1995 2N06
Kirby falls into a depressive state after receiving his first "C" grade on a test.
20 7 "Video Maid" November 12, 1995 2N07
Kirby creates IT-1, a robot assistant that soon begins to take over his life.
21 8 "The Babysitter" November 19, 1995 2N08
MJ fears that her babysitter Ms. Peterson might be a serial killer.
22 9 "Untitled Christmas Episode #002" December 10, 1995 2N10
Kirby tries to invent a synthetic Christmas tree.
23 10 "Boy Meets Tilt-a-Whirl" January 14, 1996 2N09
At the Super Land Amusement Park, MJ, Kirby and Pyro try to get Andrew to conquer his fear of riding the Super Mega Tilt-a-Whirl.
24 11 "Space: The Second-to-Last Frontier" January 21, 1996 2N11
In an attempt to help them bond with each other, MJ takes Kirby and Pyro to space camp.
Guest stars: William Shatner
25 12 "Andrew's the Man" February 11, 1996 2N12
Feeling physically inadequate, Andrew decides to become a fitness junkie.
26 13 "Funnel About Love" February 18, 1996 2N16
Eager to get into a relationship, Pyro tries to find a potential girlfriend at the Funnel of Love.
27 14 "One Flu Over Kirby's House" February 25, 1996 2N14
Kirby gets sick with the flu and must stay home from school. However, his friends try to bring him to the school's invention convention.
28 15 "Thanks for Nothing" March 10, 1996 2N15
As mother's day approaches, Andrew tries to find a way to thank his mother.
29 16 "Booger Rush" March 17, 1996 2N13
MJ, Kirby and Pyro rush to deliver an important essay on time.
30 17 "Spring Breaking the Law" March 24, 1996 2N17
During spring break, the kids decide to take up work at a fancy country club. However, when MJ and Kirby find out that the club's owner Mr. Oaks is planning to demolish PuffRuff Middle School in order to build a new club in its place, it's up to the kids to stop him.
Guest stars: Tim Curry
31 18 "Ploy Story" April 7, 1996 2N18
When Pyro discovers that the CoolCo Toy Company's CEO secretly committed tax fraud, he and the rest of the Rex Dangerfield fan club set out to expose him.
32 19 "Fatal Distraction" April 14, 1996 2N20
Kirby tries to hide from a girl that he believes is stalking him.
Guest stars: Kirstie Alley
33 20 "Anderson vs. Anderson" April 28, 1996 2N21
Andrew becomes convinced that someone who shares his last name may be trying to steal his identity.
34 21 "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window" May 5, 1996 2N22
MJ's friends become worried when she starts hanging out with a group of older kids that they consider untrustworthy.
35 22 "Witless for the Prosecution" May 12, 1996 2N19
When Andrew is appointed as the new head of the honor council, he accuses Westley of a crime without evidence.
36 23 "Pyro Gets Busted" May 19, 1996 2N23
Pyro must clear his name after he is accused by Principal Michael of a prank.
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