PuffRuff School is an American animated television series created by Trevor Jordan for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series is primarily set at the fictional PuffRuff Middle School in San Francisco, California, and centers on the lives of four students: Emily "MJ" Jordan, Kirby Ableman, Pyro Rexton, and Andrew Anderson. Originally conceived as a satire of teen drama television series, it features a wide range of running gags and cultural references, and ran from October 9, 1994 to May 23, 2004, airing a total of 220 episodes over the span of ten seasons.

PuffRuff School was the first series produced by T.J. Entertainment and Imperium Entertainment. The series' character designs are influenced by that of Whoopass Stew! A Sticky Situation, a 1992 short film made by Jordan's close friend Craig McCracken. Jordan had previously used the style on his first film Operation Blue (1993), and the initial success of that film and PuffRuff School convinced McCracken to eventually pitch his own show, titled The Powerpuff Girls, to Cartoon Network. Having used traditional ink-and-paint animation since Season 1, PuffRuff School switched to digital ink-and-paint starting with the Season 6 episode "Field of Daydreams" in 2000.

During its run, the series spawned various spin-off media, including video games, comics, toys, and a feature film. The series has been praised for its humor, dialogue, and writing, and earned two Primetime Emmy Award nominations during its run. In 2013, PuffRuff School was placed at number 47 on TV Guide's list of the "60 Greatest Cartoons of All Time".


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Main article: List of episodes
Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release
Season premiere Season finale
1 14 October 9, 1994 March 19, 1995 December 11, 2001 (Region 1)
2 23 September 17, 1995 May 19, 1996 August 20, 2002 (Region 1)
3 22 September 22, 1996 May 18, 1997 December 9, 2003 (Region 1)
4 23 September 21, 1997 May 17, 1998 August 3, 2004 (Region 1)
5 23 September 20, 1998 May 16, 1999 December 13, 2005 (Region 1)
6 23 September 19, 1999 May 21, 2000 August 15, 2006 (Region 1)
7 24 September 17, 2000 May 20, 2001 December 19, 2006 (Region 1)
Film August 17, 2001 January 21, 2002
8 21 September 30, 2001 May 12, 2002 July 17, 2007 (Region 1)
9 23 September 22, 2002 May 18, 2003 December 4, 2007 (Region 1)
10 24 September 21, 2003 May 23, 2004 July 8, 2008 (Region 1)


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Main article: PuffRuff School: The Movie

On August 17, 2001, a feature film based on the series, titled PuffRuff School: The Movie, was released in theaters.

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Video gamesEdit

Two video games based on the series have been released: PuffRuff School: Class Wars (1998) and PuffRuff School: Super Mega City Mania (2002).

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Quest for the CupThe Pros and Cons of ScienceBreakfast at Andrew'sWild Arts Can't Be BrokenOctoberween II: The ReckoningKirby Gets a "C"Video MaidThe BabysitterThe Other Christmas EpisodeBoy Meets Tilt-a-WhirlSpace: The Second-to-Last FrontierAndrew's the ManSymphony of InstructionOne Flu Over Kirby's HouseThanks for NothingBooger RushSpring Breaking the LawPloy StoryFatal DistractionShe Came In Through the Bathroom WindowAnderson vs. AndersonWitless for the ProsecutionPyro Gets Busted
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Season 5
Take the Funny and RunScene and Not SceneBrother, Can You Spare a Quarter?Andrew Gets RichFive Days of the CondoWheels of MisfortuneStealing HomeMo' Brother BluesThe Bust Blows Forward and the Bust Blows BackIt's a Blunderful LifeAndrew and the Amazing Technicolor PaintbrushMJ's Big BreakFor Love and/or MoneyA Brief History of AmericaSunday Sunday MondayI Know What You Did Last WednesdayThe Kirbtalian JobMike & Westley's Excellent AdventureI've Got You Under My SkinA Room with a New ViewI Left My Phone in San FranciscoAll About MJThink of the Children
Season 6
Das BlimpMuch to Do About NothingWar and PizzaThe Phantom TennisJeerleadersTropical Hot Dog NightOperation MetalbotThe Great Pain RobberyEverybody Cut Root-looseMr. Ableman Goes to WashingtonSubstitute ImpeacherThe Date (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Like MJ)War of the WordsLittle Man on CampusNone of Your BusinessTop NunField of Daydreams...And on the Seventh Day, RestThe Week of Living DangerouslyConfessions of a Mediocre ArtistDo the Wright ThingThe Analog KidChili Com Carnival
Season 7
Pool Party PrisonersThe Blair Snitch ProjectOur Dearest MJ Is Getting OlderThe FaketrixMortimer's MurderCafeteria MonopolyWreck-fast of ChampionsCool Hand PyroAndrew Goes to JailMiracle on Rockwell StreetIce Heist BabyThe IdiotOnce Upon a Time in the MidwestHockey SchmockeyA Haus DividedOnline with No FineThe Inner Beauty of a CactusFear and Loathing in Los AngelesThe Continuing Story of Doormat DonnyElevator MusicSuperdorkRachel Lynn Will Have Her Revenge on San FranciscoLuck Be a LadyThe Last Temptation of Pyro
Season 8
Happy Socially Inept AnniversaryCamp DisrespectThe Computer Wore Dennis' ShoesAll's Swell That Ends SwellThe Spy Who Hated MeDriver's HeadWhen Pigs LieRaiders of the Lost ParkThe Gymnastic FourThe Incredible Shrinking MJThe Devil and Mr. RextonElectric GoogalooWorking Class HogExchanged StudentAll You Need Is GloveSaved by the CellDude, Where's My Card?The Miseducation of Emily JordanImperfect ChemistryThe Adventures of Rex Dangerfield Across the 8th DimensionIt Takes a State of Millions to Hold Us Back
Season 9
Breakin' the NewsThe Great Chili CaperChicken Soup for the Delusional Soul(The Worst Part Of) Breaking UpWhose Lie Is It Anyway?Pyro the GeniusIt's a Mad, Mad, Mad MallBurning Hairlines Give You So Much MoreJingle All the WayneLicense to PhilThe Wrong Side of the WedCruising for BurgersThe Original Kings of CornBless This MessMJ, Kirby and the Jack of HeartsMr. Wayne's VacationThe Road to ColoradoMeddle of HonorBe True to Your SchoolWhen Numbers Get SeriousAndrew's Last StandYo! Dumb Rush the ShowThe Umpire Strikes Back
Season 10
Kissing in ActionPyro vs. Summer SchoolThere's No Business Like Snow (Cone) BusinessBe There or Be SpareWe're Only in It for the DummyA Fistful of TokensReality FightsWhen Francis Came to Town101 Ways to Destroy a SchoolA Touch of ClassHot Leader and Cold HandsSon of Rex DangerfieldLean Green Milling MachineA Nightmare on Rockwell StreetDocumentary, My DearThe Father, the Son, and the Holy TravisTo Tell the BoothEscape from the Janitor's ClosetBlingin' in the Rain'Til There Was GlueAlways Crashing in the Same CarReturn of SuperdorkKirby v. AmericaOur Very Own Graduation
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